We are excited to announce a call for applications for our new Artist-in-Residency (AIR) program, funded by a generous grant from the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation. The AIR will lead a two-week workshop of their own design at the Art Explorers studio with our students  and host a gallery exhibit of the finished artwork in downtown Fort Bragg. The AIR program is a way for working artists to connect with the students at Art Explorers and expose them to new craft techniques and art mediums. Workshops can be based around any medium, but we are especially interested in printmaking, ceramics, fabric printing, sculpture and filmmaking.

For leading a two-week workshop on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for 4to 5 hours per day, the AIR will receive a teaching stipend of $1600, plus $200 for materials. At the end of the workshop, all the art made by the students at Art Explorers as well as the AIR’s personal artwork will be presented in a gallery exhibit . The AIR will be present at the opening of the exhibit, to talk about their experience teaching and their artistic process. Accommodations can be provided to artists coming from outside of Mendocino County, but the AIR is responsible for their own transportation and living costs during the workshop. The AIR will have to provide proof of fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice: http://www.ccld.ca.gov/PG405.htm and file a 1099 tax form.

Please look at our website and see the amazing art our students have created over the years! We see the AIR workshop as a way for our students to develop a new skill and to connect with the broader arts community, as well as paying working artists a living wage for their teaching time. Submissions for the AIR workshop will be accepted until May 8th. The selected AIR will be notified by mid-May and expected to begin their workshop no later than June 20th, with the artwork being presented on July 7thand 8th in a gallery exhibit.

If you have any questions about the Artist in Residency opportunity, please contact:

Maria Trombetta



Art Explorers, P.O. Box 2710, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

To apply:

Email the following to us before the deadline of May 8th, 2017

Provide your bio, resume with three references and a link to your website, or three photos of relevant artwork.

Respond to the following Workshop related questions in one to two pages:

  1. Why are you interested in becoming an Artist in Residency? Will you need housing to be provided for the duration of the Workshop?
  2. What kind of experience do you have facilitating a project in a creative environment with students?
  3. Do you have any previous experience working with people with developmental disabilities?


Give us a detailed description of the project you are proposing.

  1. What will you and studio artists create?
  2. What are your expected outcomes?
  3. What supplies will you need? What will they cost?
  4. What equipment or tools, if any, will you need?How long will the project take?
  5. What problems do you anticipate? What strategies will you use to deal with them?
  6. What do you hope to gain by teaching a project-based workshop at Art Explorers?