Art Explorers is not a classroom in the traditional sense.

It’s a studio. The studio is a fun, lively community space with music, conversation, and shared explorations. Teaching goes on constantly, but mostly on an individual basis as teachers try to respect any student’s choice for personal space and solitary discovery. We seek to create a nurturing environment free from judgment and competition, where each artist can explore their unique interests and passions, and discover their very own style. Teachers are always available to any student for guidance, encouragement, demonstration, feedback, resources and inspiration.

The studio is bright and colorful, decorated with original work by our artists and shelves stacked with a variety of art supplies. We provide non-toxic, quality fine art and craft materials, and strive to keep our studio organized and clean. We want to model respect for the materials and the work we produce, as well as for each other. We encourage students to experiment with all the available art media, in order to discover what they are most drawn to. From time to time, teachers will introduce and demonstrate a new medium, and periodically a local artist will be invited to teach a new technique. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in these exciting opportunities to learn new things.

A Day in The Studio

In a typical day at Art Explorers, the artists arrive at 9 a.m. We set the mood for art making by playing a range of background music, which each person gets a turn in selecting. Artists gather their materials for the day and start their work. There is time for a morning break when students can take a walk or go to a coffee shop, or a nearby store. We often have visitors and customers drop in at random times. Our students enjoy showing their art and talking to the guests about their work and even making sales. Around noon, most students sit together in our small lunchroom, or sidewalk “café”, and eat their bag lunches, while other students purchase their lunches nearby. We provide a supply of spring water, decaf coffee and tea. After lunch there is uninterrupted work time until 2:30 pm when all students help clean up their spaces and put away their art supplies.

At the end of the day, we have our sharing time and we expect that all students participate respectfully. It is our special time to gather together, show our work, listen and look, and receive constructive and positive feedback from each other and staff. It’s also a time to celebrate birthdays, and to make any announcements before saying our goodbyes for the day. At 3 pm students go home. Some ride the MTA Dial-A-Ride bus, others are picked up or walk home. Every day at Art Explorers is full of color, music, creativity, community, and learning.

More Photos From the Studio